Our goal is to create long-standing customer relationships based on 100% satisfaction with our work, technical expertise and knowledge of our customer's organization.

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About Us

Behind The Name

Scott and Friderike Butler founded Tango Enterprises in May of 1997. The name Tango has been adapted from the well known formal dance. Two professional dancers performing the tango make it seem such an easy endeavor. In reality, the tango is a very intricate and difficult dance that requires extraordinary, yet subtle communication skills from both partners, a high level of dedication and overall long-term practice and experience.

Tango's goal is to develop software solutions that are easy to use on the outside, yet sophisticated enough to address today's most complex technical issues on the inside. At the same time, Tango's staff is dedicated to make working with the company easy and enjoyable yet highly effective. Tango Enterprises is committed to on-time delivery at a competitive cost and within budget.

Being truthful, courteous, and living up to our commitments are our highest priorities. Our staff is likewise committed to using state-of-the-art technologies in software development through continuous training and education.