Our goal is to create long-standing customer relationships based on 100% satisfaction with our work, technical expertise and knowledge of our customer's organization.

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About Us

Customer Care Principles

  • Customer-centric culture
  • Long-term relationship
  • High performance/price ratio
  • On-time delivery
  • Removes customer’s worry about technological problems
  • Local firm means responsiveness and accessibility
  • Teaching and mentoring customer’s technical staff
  • Committed to ensuring that the benefits sought by the customer are actually achieved

Why Other Organizations Turn to Tango

  • Software development is not the main focus of their organization's objectives.
    • They don't want to have the responsibility and the investment cost to build and maintain an in-house software team and development environment.
    • They don't want to manage complex software technology and be exposed to associated risks.
  • Their in-house team needs to be strengthened
    • They need access to extraordinary skills to solve unusual problems.
    • The existing team is lacking the specialized applications expertise in GIS, simulation, modeling, mobile computing systems or web-enables databases.
  • They need access to extraordinary skills to solve unusual problems.
  • The organization has a peak demand project that exceeds their in-house capacity to deliver in a timely fashion
  • A current software development project has not been completed at a satisfactory pace or has not brought desired results and needs an objective analysis and evaluation and possibly different resources to get back on track.