Our goal is to create long-standing customer relationships based on 100% satisfaction with our work, technical expertise and knowledge of our customer's organization.

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About Us

Our clients have numerous reasons for partnering with Tango. Here are a few:

Information Technology is not the main focus.

While an extensive IT system may be required for many organizations to effectively operate, many don't have the means to maintain an internal IT department. Tango provides the support and commitment needed, without the cost associated with an internal IT department.

Internal IT team needs to be supplemented.

Occasionally an organization finds the need to supplement their IT team. Tango helps achieve major or complex project objectives. Whether it is mobile computing systems, major upgrades or web-enabled databases, Tango has the expertise to get organization where they need to be.

Product Integration

Often times, organizations turn to off-the-shelf products. While this may solve the needs of the organization, integrating the product into an existing system can be complex. Tango has the capability to make this happen.

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