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GO2ASSAY is a hosted test information publishing solution that transforms lab test databases, into a searchable and updatable online showcase of capabilities. GO2ASSAY provides a dedicated web page of a laboratory's test directory with a back room content manager that is also accessible online. With an intuitive easy-to-learn user interface and on-line help, GO2ASSAY is a cost-effective ASP solution designed to enable laboratories to publish their test lists online at an entirely economical cost.

With a minimal investment, labs can now have their own content management system that showcase their testing capabilities in a user-tested VOC format without the large investment of creating an interface to the web by themselves. It is also independent of other reference laboratories that may host joint test directories. GO2ASSAY is the result of the smart collaboration of laboratorians that need an independent solution.

GO2ASSAY gives labs a back-end content manager with easy user functions that publish to the web, download test lists to Excel, and easily maintain their rapidly evolving test menu. It's intuitive, quick and easy - plus it allows the lab to always have access to their hard-coded and hard-WON data via Excel download anytime, anywhere. Clients will never lose sight of their database.

Recently, TANGO created a new division dedicated to innovative, dependable, and long-lasting software and engineering-based solutions to directly address the needs of our customers. Our high value ASP solutions allow a rapid return on investment through subscription-based services that eliminate the need for larger cost custom solutions.

Visit www.go2assay.com to learn more about this unique tool especially designed to address the need of laboratories to provide online test directory.

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