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Any organization with mobile staff who currently use paper forms to report back to their central office or home base can benefit from this highly customizable system. Virtually anyone who needs to collect and report field data to be integrated into an office back-end system, is now able to make this process easier, faster, safer and more accurate with improved back-end administration. These benefits apply to a wide range of services including home services such as pest control or landscape services, surveyors, home inspectors, insurance claims processors, plumbing or utility services, or real estate agents just to name a few.

  • Upload questionnaires, client account information, parts and labor information after each transaction is completed for faster and more efficient administration.
  • Account for cash transactions and billable jobs.
  • Third party users can review completed transactions near real-time.
  • Central office account information can be pushed out to the field staff so that internal account changes are communicated near real-time.
  • Improve accuracy of records, save cost through paper reduction and reduced administrative labor by eliminating re-keying of information.
  • Shorten billing cycles shortened due to near real-time data input.
  • Allow customers and authorized third parties up to the minute access to field data on a secure website.

The ReCap System is hardware independent and extremely flexible. It allows for easy software application integration with any Windows Pocket PC based PDA, tablet PCs or laptop PCs featuring wireless internet access.

Technical Environment

The PDAs used in a currently deployed application are Samsung SPH-i700 devices, but the system is compatible with any PDA that can support

  • Pocket PC 2002 Operating System or greater
  • Compact .Net framework
  • Internet connection, e.g. WIFI, data service through Verizon or other data carriers
  • Optional handheld printer compatible with PDA

The back-end system is scalable from a single PC to a complex enterprise environment. A typical back-end environment is comprised of

  • Microsoft 2003 Small Business Server
  • SQL Server 2000
  • Adequate Internet connection based on the number of users

For a specific requirements analysis and a customized quote call:

Scott Butler 703-964-4000 ext. 111 or contact him at butler.scott@tangoinc.com