Our goal is to create long-standing customer relationships based on 100% satisfaction with our work, technical expertise and knowledge of our customer's organization.

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Tango develops both a top level and detailed designs. Tango believes that a solid architecture is the critical foundation for system success.

The proposed architecture is carefully crafted and reviewed, taking all the following issues into account:

  • Information sharing with other systems and users

  • Breakdown of stovepipes

  • Functional growth

  • Performance enhancement and responsiveness

  • Ease of use

  • Security, survivability, and redundancy

  • Reliability, maintainability, and supportability

  • Infusion of new technology

  • Scalability

  • Internet vs. client/server, layered vs. monolithic functionality

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Software design and development follow a structured approach that includes internal reviews and solution presentations with senior technical staff.

Early during the design process Tango develops prototypes of user interfaces to ensure that all parties share a common understanding of how the system will interact with the end users. Tango concentrates on ease of use by developing intuitive user interfaces, functional accessibility through simple navigation, on-line help, and novice plus expert modes. Tango can provide branding of software through displays that promote a professional look and feel, make the desired impressions, and help "market" the customer's organization to its users or maintain a familiar look and feel if that is desired.

Design and development is conducted at Tango's software laboratory. It features an extensive suite of software development tools. After factory acceptance testing at Tango's facility is complete, installation and test are conducted at the customer's site. Tango provides software user documentation and training of users and the customer's trainers. The final development milestone is the system acceptance test conducted at the customer's site.

On-site status and technical meetings are held at the customer's preferred site or at Tango as required, typically weekly to once a month depending on the project and its current phase.

Following system acceptance test Tango can provide long-term support including maintenance, enhancements, follow-on training, and website support with FAQ's and system upgrades.