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Tango ReCap Solution - Mobile Data Capturing System for Remote Staff

Project Background

Field staff for GSI are generally stationed on a loading dock at a warehouse without local office access. They exclusively handle the unloading of freight from incoming delivery trucks from the inside of the vehicle onto the loading dock (=Lumper Services). Prior to implementing Tango’s wireless mobile data management solution, GSI staff recorded transaction details, cash payments, and other billing information on paper forms that needed to be sent to GSI’s main office for data entry and to initiate billing to either the warehouse or the shipping company. Simple work processes required multiple data entry handling, were open to human error, data misrepresentation and fraud and involved time intensive reporting and billing procedures.

Solution Highlights & Features

The new wireless mobile system records information via PDA and securely transmits the data directly to the centralized database. Transactions can be viewed in almost real time so that delivery status can be checked, billing processes can be triggered automatically, payroll can be calculated based on the uploaded staffing reports and clients can view their accounts on-line.

1. Mobile Application

  • Wireless data line connection to the centralized database.
  • Authenticated sign-in sets PDA up for specific user/ location.
  • PDA captures the driver’s signature for data validation and security.
  • Palm printer provides instant receipt• PDA can take pictures and attach them to transaction.

2. Web-enabled Database Back-end:

  • Centralized database provides secure web access.
  • Authorized third parties have selected access to data.
  • Powerful query and reporting features allow up-to-the minute access to field data.
  • Staffing reports provide the necessary information to easily calculate payroll for hourly workers.

Tango developed the proto-type and won the contract to develop this turn-key mobile system. Field testing proved successful and full fleet deployment is underway.

Benefits to Client

Field data and especially cash transactions are validated and instantly uploaded to eliminate errors and re-keying of information. Customers and warehouses have up to the minute access to field data. Billing cycles are shortened due to instant data input. Data such as billing, conract or employee changes can be pushed out to the field PDAs effectively. Lenghty paper transaction and double recording of information is eliminated.

GSI expects to recover the total cost of investment in the first year of system deployment and to experience substantial savings in following years.

About GSI, Inc.

GSI, Inc. provides freight lumper services at loading docks for a variety of commercial clients including various Giant Food, Inc. locations. The company has about 500 employees and is the largest Lumper Service Provider on the East coast. - For more information, visit www.gsipro.com .