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Modular Mission Support Systems (MMSS)


Modular Mission Support System (MMSS)

Project Background

MMSS is used by air and ground forces worldwide to help pilots to plan, rehearse, and debrief sorties for a wide variety of aircraft such as the F-16, Hawk, C-130, and Mirage 2000). Since 2000 Tango has supported the Fairchild team with software architecture, Windows development, and object-oriented programming. Tango now is responsible for overall architecture as well as design and development of key software modules.


Solution Highlights & Features

  • Multiple aircraft route planning with deconfliction, tactical overlays, threat analyses, radar and visual predictions, enhanced visualization, and reconnaissance sensor planning. 
  • Uses aero. charts, DTMs, & satellite imagery.
  • Modeling of the latest aircraft, sensors, and weapons, responding to diverse mission planning techniques of its customer base.
  • Interactive 3D tool uses planned routes, actual flight data from the aircraft's avionics, or a pilot-in-the-loop to rehearse and fly a mission and to debrief pilots before and after missions.
  • Portable computer tablet interfaces with aircraft to read avionics, which in turn drives a moving map display.
  • Digital war-gaming & simulated battles. (Creates and disperses resources, displays different views of the battlefield during the game (for the judge, observer, red team, blue team), communicates with the battle units, and contains a pilot-in-the-loop component for flying a fighter aircraft. Up to 24 players can play on each team with the potential of thousands of units on each side.

Benefits to Client

  • MMSS streamlines the laborious process of manually planning air routes for military pilots on paper maps.
  • Via multi-user network, customers are able to acquire and configure selected, applicable modules, and third parties can develop modules for the system. Fairchild has been able to continuously meet the demanding technical and schedule requirements of the diverse needs of its international customers.


Fairchild Defense (Germantown, Maryland), a division of Smiths Aerospace, is an international leader in advanced electronics and mission planning systems for military aircraft, helicopters and land vehicles. Fairchild's Modular Mission Support System (MMSS) includes the Mission Planning System, Mission Visualization System, SMART On-board Moving Map, and the Digital War-gaming System. For more information, visit www.smiths-aerospace.com