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SeaStar Fisheries Service

Project Background

Water coloration detected by the ORBView 2 satellite can indicate levels of plankton. Specific combinations of these levels and sea surface temperatures attract tuna and other surface-dwelling fish. GeoEye's SeaStar service was conceived to provide maps of this information and fish concentration analyses to ships at sea who would use PCs to view and assess location potential. If successful this would replace the conventional method which was costly because of its need for helicopter operation. The solution would also require an automated order entry and delivery system. When GeoEye selected Tango to provide a turnkey solution, Tango consulted with GeoEye on the concept and then designed and developed the solution.


Solution Highlights & Features

  • Using vector maps as the background for displays, users examine plankton levels, sea surface temperatures, and fish concentration analyses, (shown as colored overlays). Weather conditions are considered and distances calculated.
  • Automatic browsing of existing orders for delivery, and collects the appropriate maps and analyses for each subscriber.
  • Materials are automatically e-mailed to ships and/or offices via land & satellites, enabling fishing fleet captains to determine optimal courses and locations for fishing.
  • Ease-of-use has proven to be key in the project's success.

Tango continues to enhance the on-ship OrbMap GIS application used to display and analyze the satellite imagery, as well as the order entry and delivery software that supports customer relations management, contract management and accounting, order entry, satellite communication with the ships, automated delivery, and tracking.


Benefits to Client

  • Customers including StarKist have benefited from improved fleet efficiency and reduced cost.
SeaStar became profitable in its second year of operation. (see: www.orbimage.com/seastar/seastar.html)


About GeoEye

GeoEye is a leading international provider of commercial satellite imagery. It builds, launches, and operates the satellites, downloads imagery to its ground stations, and disseminates imagery to end-users. To enhance the value of the imagery to its customers, GeoEye provides specialized products and services to various industry segments. - For more information, visit www.geoeye.com.