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International Foundation for Election Systems


Web-enabled Proprietary Database

Project Background

IFES' envisioned a Web-based Consultant Information System that would build and maintain a database of 25,000 consultants. Consultants would register their profiles remotely. IFES personnel would evaluate and accept/reject consultants for the database. This database would then be available to central and remote IFES program managers who connect a country's election needs to a registered consultant with optimum credentials and availability.


Solution Highlights & Features

  • The system builds an extensive profile in the database for each consultant, including contact information, availability, education, languages spoken, work history, country and regional experience, special skills, etc.
  • Automatic browsing of existing orders for delivery, and collects the appropriate maps and analyses for each subscriber.
  • Candidate consultants log onto the IFES Website and enter information on-line. This information moves to a staging area where it is by IFES' staff. Upon approval, the information is added to the on-line database.
  • Various types of users have varying degrees of access to the database. Access and modification privileges are tightly controlled by System Administration functions.
  • All users with access to the database have powerful searching tools, standard reports, and on-demand reports that quickly help find matches between election needs and available qualified consultants.


Benefits to Client

  • The Consultant Information System replaced the existing non-electronic approach that was generating masses of paperwork and creating unacceptable bottlenecks in responding to election needs.


About IFES

The International Federation of Election Systems (IFES) organizes international consultants to support third world countries with promoting democracy, and serves as a clearinghouse on democratic development including elections, rule of law, governance, and civil society. IFES is a not-for-profit organization principally funded by the US Department of State. - For more information, visit www.ifes.com.